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People and values are our greatest assets. McGuire's dedication to delivering the optimum support to our agents is unwavering. Our culture of strength-based management is tailored to the individual talents of our leadership team and dedicated support staff to ensure our agents always have the assistance they need, and direct access to specialists in any field—from marketing, to market analysis, to business development, and more. We help our agents excel through appropriate training and development, and recognize that working together as a team produces the best results. We are passionate about supporting our agents in their personal and business goals.



Raymond ho

"The McGuire Family welcomed me with open arms from the moment I joined the company. Working among some of the best and most dedicated Realtors naturally pushes me to strive and work that much harder to achieve my personal and business goals. Our management team, marketing team, and support staff offer the best support in the industry, which allows me to perform my very best, which translates to tremendous success for my clients."


Claudia Mills


"I have so enjoyed working at McGuire and was delighted at how welcoming the entire McGuire community was when I joined. McGuire offers its agents wonderful marketing materials and support but it's the connection between SF and the East Bay that's the unique asset. Whether you are representing a buyer or a seller, the connection makes you stronger and better at your job."


Winnie Fok

"The marketing and management support in our business is tremendous. I'm going to areas which would be impossible if I didn't have management and marketing support. Our office meetings are so productive.  Aldo is just amazing, his assessment on the market value and the street pulse is spot on. This is invaluable especially in our over-active market where every minute counts. My co-workers are professional, diligent, and most importantly positive. McGuire's AgentShare system multiplied my network a few folds."


Robert Merryman

"When I considered an affiliation with a Real Estate firm 10 years ago, I was immediately drawn to McGuire because of its “boutique” presence.  That was 10 years ago!  My association with McGuire has provided me with a brand whose prominence in the local market is well recognized.  The fantastic in-house support of everything from IT to Marketing as well as its well-regarded management team is why I stay with McGuire."

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